Replacing Veg T5 - What's The Best Led Option?

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I'm looking to replace the T5 hanging in my 23"x25" veg space, it's an 8 bulb 2fter that is juuuust a bit too long one way so it sits at a slant which makes keeping an even canopy very difficult.

I'm not very familiar with LEDs - Have they progressed to the point that they're as good at vegging as T5s? If so, which specific LED fixutre would be best for my space? The MarsII 400 looks nice, but they say it has a 2.5'x2.5' footprint.

I'm vegging under LEDs and my ladies are loving it! Have a look. I recommend Mars Hydro. . Sure there are more expensive higher quality LEDs out there, but Mars Hydro is priced very fairly and I've been satisfied with the results.
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