Reservoir Sensor Manifold Plumbing: See any potential issues?

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Reservoir sensor manifold plumbing see any potential issues

I just finished mocking up the layout for my sensor manifold and figured I'd see if there are any issues before I glue the PVC fittings and pipes.

The sensor manifold (bank of tee's) is slightly angled down towards normal output (prevent pooling).

I plumbed in a vertical pipe and valve to be used as topoff in the future. That pipe section also has 2 other valves so I could prevent flow to the buckets and/or divert it back into the reservoir. Can use the valves for mixing, partially open to have a waterfall in reservoir, and also as a means to hookup a drain hose to empty the system. This section is also sloped down towards the bucket outlet.

Anyone see any potential issues, better ways to do something, or any other suggestions?

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