Returning marijuana to a dispensary

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Doesn't make sense to be able to return a consumeable medicine really but a lot of places will. If you held it, saw it, smelled it you're responsible for it but just take your business else where if thats the meds they have.


Lets not act like everything is on a known scale. The guy bought something he was told was different than the one he tried before (if I understand correct). At this point the dispensary did the appropriate thing and as such should not be asked in a manner fitting that they the dispensary did something wrong. I would suspect that they would want to make you happy. Its medicine not a street corner dime bag. I can also understand if they do not want the product back but on such a little amount I would think its possible they do something for you if your appropriate about it.

I see it akin to going to a restaurant and ordering something new and not liking but it is made properly, its just your taste that you do not like it. To you its not so good but to others it very well may be a favored dish. Both are views have merit and subjectivity but not necessarily warranted to be taken off the bill unless that is typical for that establishment.

To me it sounds like you bought a cheaper named herb, was told it was not the type you knew but you did it anyways and now want someone else to change your situation as you dislike your choice.

To me, I would accept that I took a risk but its up to you on what to do. Their is no wrong answer really. Just seems a bit cheap for a poor choice. Not meant ignorantly, just a perspective.

IronLung D9

I own a co disp and its common practice here to buy back any meds that the patient does not like.... customer is always right!
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He said it gave him a headache. I've been given weed that did that to me, I wouldn't then pass that shit on to someone else unless I hated that person.

Weed that gives you a headache might do wonders for someone else...everyone is different. thats why i dont read into the reviews to to much , i judge for myself because everybody is different and reacts different and likes different


K.rush Bousquet

If they're selling strains called "Froggy time" and none of us know what the fuck that is, I would just go somewhere else for my dime bag


Give it to your brother in law and get rid of two headaches at once...


Well I would hope theyd take care of thier patients.. and if you get headaches from it it probly was
not flushed properly,or as someone else stated it might Just be the way it Effects you .. but yeah
Id Def Say sumthin to your Dispensary .. maybe others have complained already that would only
help. wish I had dispensaries ,lol ...
good luck maybe grow some of your Own
and eliminate any worries about it not being grown
Properly~ My 2 cents~


A gram that gram was planted grown hung to dry then comes a trimer then cured then sold to a co op or a middle man then to a co op that pays employs lights power ext ,and you can now get your weed with out being robed and or shot . And you picked this weed out. even if it had the same name and was the same strain or even a bud off the same plant the thc will very. You are ungrateful


I picked up a strain from a local dispensary. The strain is (for example) called "Froggytime". I got this "Froggytime" some months ago and it was amazing. Perfect strain for me. This new "Froggytime" is definitely not the same. I guess it may be a different pheno of the same "Froggytime" strain but it is horrible, gives me headaches, numbs my brain, makes me a useless waterbag. Physically it looks totally different as well.

I am going to take whats left of it (I smoked maybe 0.5g of 2g's) and ask for a refund or replacement from different strain. Has anyone done this before?

The refund isn't because I was misled-- the price is lower and the guy selling it mentioned it is different. I'd simply like to return it because it is just not that good weed. Has no medicinal value for me at all. am i in the right expecting a refund / exchange? I think i am you tell me what u think
At the very least i would let the people working there know of your concerns ,they may or may not be prepared to replace or return your purchase,remembering to be polite at all times,even if they reply in the negitive,without your feedback they have no idea about your concerns,who knows you may not be the first to complain about this particular product.


In my world if that shit is not moldy or seeded you can eat taint before I will give a refund or exchange. What the F*ck is this? Sears?
NOW, that said. If I was running a legit dispensary..the customer is always right and homie would have a 2 gram sack as exchange..... no questions asked...

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