Do you idle thru , and listen for complaints?
OR do you push hard, and back off when it feels hot ?

:speechless:Talkin about flowering cannabis here.

I am flowering for the first time. I have finished week 4 ,, just starting week 5.

I stare at my plants dreamily, and always hope that when I turn the lights on in the morning that the colas will be fat as paint buckets and growing through the ceiling like Jack's Beanstalk. ,,, of course that is never going to happen . On the other hand, I certainly wouldn't want it to be my fault , if I were to somehow inadvertently prevent it.

Looking for palatability and volume.
Can I have both ?

Am I robbing myself if they were capable of more ?
I have seen experienced growers pull fat stacks off of really ugly plants.
I know my ladies are due to decline rapidly - but at the moment it is all white hair and green leaves .

The voice of reason tells me to stay right here in the middle of the road.
Medium green and white pistils standing straight up is good.

Watch those tips. Some are showing a bit of stress.

Nice work!

And to answer your question. I try to fertilize my potting soil after the final pot runs low on nutrients a little bit each watering and gradually increase the strength until i see stress. Then back off a bit and taper down during ripening.

Works pretty well for all kinds of strains and crosses from seeds. Always presents a challenge.

I run in the middle. I don't need the last ounce of yield, I seek quality, enough yield to supply myself and my circle, and the enjoyment of gardening.

Also, nutes only enable growth. They can't force it. You can't push a string; they need to be pulled into a plant by great light, good air, etc.
If I know the strain and have grown it several times, I'll usually underfeed intentionally, just slightly. If it's new to me I'll ramp the nutes up till I see signs of overfeeding like some slight tip burn, then I'll back it off 50ppm.

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Tell ya what she is looking well for being at week 5!
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