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Hi everyone,

This past Feb, I discovered a simple holistic hack in making RSO that really cleans up the oil, effectively doubling the potency. It's very easy, so if you know how to make RSO, you will get this. Here's the magic - add distilled water to the wash before boiling out the alcohol. The water absorbs the water soubles that normally get boiled into the oil. By cleaning out the polar and semi polar compounds, winterization can be done in under an hour. So now, you can take 2oz cured plant and have vapable decarbed winterized oil in under 2 hours. I have multiple lab test reports showing Total Cannabinoids in the high 70's. Given this is such a cleaner oil, I call it Refined Cannabis Extract, aka RxCE.

So this is totally legit and free, absolutely nothing for sale. I have a webpage that explains everything with a demo video and 7 lab tests. Given posting a link is problematic and will probably get me banned, I suggest doing a Google search for "RSO RxCE". Admins, pm me and I'll send the link to you for approval. You can then post the link as a reply.

Why would I do this? I've lived my life in the shadow of a miracle. This is my Pay-It-Forward to help home bound MMJ patients by cost reducing the process. Turns out, it's also faster, cleaner and more potent compared to making RSO/FECO.
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