roots organic questions about flowering.

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View attachment 1099080 Just throwing an update out there. One day into week 7 day 43. Last topdressing was yesterday.
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Wow! You still top dressing in week 7? Scares me to feed that late, especially a top dressing the may take a couple of weeks to release the nutes. Im on day 37 of flower and I did my last top dressing of the uprising grow day 1 of week 5 and my last feeding of a 0-10-10 at 1/3 strength was 2 days ago. I'm gonna let most of the water in the soil be consumed 4-7 days, then, start my RO water pH at 6.5-7 slow flush (10-14 days). Which means, I'm a week into flush when you're doing your last top dressing. Post in this thread how it works out. I may be loosing some bud size due to stopping feedings too early.
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