Running CO2 until Final Harvest Day

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Definitely cut the CO2 and bring the temps as low as you can during the last 2 weeks. Makes for a nice frost and density. Night time temps around 60 will make for some nice colors as the plants eat up their leaves and flush in plain RO water

Also bring the room humidity as low as possible in these last 2 weeks.. Extra resin is produced for the plant to deal with the dry air

Thanks for the tips, do you have ig to see how they work this method?


If I recall I read somewhere that co2 is only optimal during the onset weeks and the swelling weeks of flower but actually slows down the ripening process the last 2 or 3 weeks of flower because co2 regresses a chemical that makes your plants ripen and finish. I forget what they said the name of the chemical was. Also remember them saying co2 the last few weeks makes your flowers have less flavor and loud smell.
Its called Ethylene, as it is a hydrocarbon gas thar ripens flowers. Co2 can affect the hydroxarbon process. It slows it down it doesn't fully stop. Meaning your plant will take longer to ripen if your running co2 within the last 2 weeks of a plants life.
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