Russet mites are not indestructible just invisible

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Russet mites when you find them after they devastate you can be killed and you can complete harvest if you catch them before flower ..... You do not need to burn everything or throw everything away. The nuclear approach seems to work. I got all my info of the forums so thought I'd add my bit to help others.

Avid,forbid,spirotetremat for moms,hot shot no pest strips,nuke em, and shit loads of swirskii mites before flower... months of hell but things are back to normal

Spinosad didn't seem as good as the above

Also I've been putting hot shot strips inside my propagators with clones to be safe - seems to work

These chemicals are not to be messed with but neither are microscopic mites that have a huge unchecked population when you realize they are around ... ( Trimming with an unknown microscopic bug all over everything really fucked me up, huge nunbers over each leaf must have been all over my face, I had red dry skin from either the mites or there toxins )

Don't spray buds ... Release an abundance of mature swirskii mites I used 2000 per plants and the infested plants produced an ok harvest from the top cannopy and was worth the effort in the end. the predetors deffo help because these plants received zero sprays of chemicals and the bottoms of the plants where infested (swirskii for the win)


Man I been dealing with these things for 6 months now and they’ve ruined 2 grows already. Did you completely eradicate them?
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