Russian seed description--a hoot!

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I found a Russian seed bank while looking for info on a plant I grew. The translator on the site cracked me up with its description:

"Just one puff sends the mind flying, pushing with powerful bursts of euphoria. There is an insatiable desire to act, create and communicate. After alternating explosive waves of euphoric ecstasy, there comes a smooth, peaceful transition to the realization of peace in the soul and contentment with life. Thoughts stop their hectic whirling and flow smoothly, allowing the body and mind to completely relax and rest. This hybrid will be a great addition to friendly meetings, as well as for introspection and meditation."


I heard that's what Tolstoy was smoking when he wrote War & Peace. Rumor has It Lenin was the original breeder. He created it by crossing a hammer with a sickle.
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