S.O.S for my Cannabis

first pleas take pics with lights off we can't see what's really happening.

I'm with wizard. Soil has nothing to do with that. I just went through a huge calcium lockout in soil. I'm using Mega Crop and pushed it, lockout big time. In soil. I flushed and dropped back on the nutes and it stopped it. Let's see some pics without the lights on.
Here’s another update with lights off. These girls as are taking off. I’m starting flower and just started my 12/12 cycle last Sunday. I have my auto flower in the same tent as my photo plants. I looked into it and some said a 12/12 cycle won’t effect them in a negative way. Any thoughts on that??
I burned these early but have been giving them straight 6.4-5 pH water for about the last 12 days (now on 27) should I continue with this or gentle feed, the 4 LSD plants haven't been growing much since up potted 8 days ago the one pictured is the worst, the Gelatos are oddly doing much better.
All of above and check your ph, new growth that is yellow is allso a sighn of high ph.
Run off test was 6.5 on all last time, since I added a layer of DE (after watering) I'm going to test in the morning when I water with lower pH (4.8-5) dehumidifier runoff water as the DE is superposed to up the pH, it shouldn't have effected it too much this time as haven't watered beyond misting the DE off the leaves.