Samsung Led Double Striplight Diy Build

Samsung LED Double Striplight DIY Build

I've just completed a very respectable 200w LED system for my 2x3' grow for about £150 (I'm from the UK so that's about (about $190 USD), using high quality Samsung led double striplights. Fixed to aluminium framing, I used aluminium channel to act as a suitable heatsink (much cheaper than cob heatsinks). Just aim for a minimum channel width of 40mm and depth of 20mm. Optional tools are recommended, but increase the build costs, you may have some, and they are very cheap at car boot/yard sales etc....

A big shout out to everyone that put up with me, during my constant requests for advice and support. I never though I'd be able to build a decent light system so cheaply, but the help on these newsgroups is awesome.

Please note is that I'm a gardener, not an electrician. I understand ohms law, and that's about it, so do your own homework and I'll try to help if possible, but others will pitch in too !! I'll post the text, then some images. Hope it's of use to someone !!

Parts list

4 x Samsung LED MOD FSERIES GEN3 3500K STRIP (£80)

1 x 240w 48v ELG-240-48A Driver (£45)
Pwr sup. Mfr: MEAN WELL Original part number: ELG-240-48A RoHS-compliant

4 x Wago 5 Way Compact Spring Lever Connector (£4)

1 x Automatic wire stripper (£4)

1 x Double Sided Thermal Tape (£10)

12V AWG18 Thinwall Single Core Cable (£5)

Aluminium Frame - Custom cut (£25-£40)

Length: 620 mm Quantity: x 4 of 1 3/4" Channel (passive cooler for lights)
Length: 900 mm Quantity: x 2 of 1 x 1" Square Tube (frame to rivet to the channels)
Length: 620 mm Quantity: x 1 of 1 3/4" Channel (to house the Driver)

Optional tools (recommended):

1 x Antistatic ESD Wrist Band Strap (£2)

1 x Automatic Centre Punch (£3)

1 x Rivet Gun (£5)


Drill and rivet/bolt the aluminium frame together, double checking all measurements before cutting. You can order it custom cut once you're happy with the layout and all dimensions.

Secure the driver (I plastic tied one side, and used a hex drill and tap to screw the other side in.

Attach the thermal tape to the rear of the led strips (the leds are 40mm wide so I bought 10mm width tape and used four strips). I also drilled and taped two screw points on each strip, just for safe measure.

Wire the strips in parallel (see reference links), and tidy cables with ties, as required.

It looks daunting at first, but if you do your research, take a look at the following links, and ask the right people (thcfarmer is a good start!!), you'll produce a very nice led setup for very little.

I'll post build pictures, if possible.

Peace out !!

Useful references