Say hi to the noob.

Hey guys, i'm new to this site, and from what i can see it seems like a friendly and enjoyable.

If anyone has any tips on a first grow ( in an attic ) please let me know, as any info is greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Hello Rezz..newb here too.Love the site so far.It helped alot with my 1st grow which is just now hanging.Just became a member,was just a reader before heh.Welcome and enjoy all the great info.


welcome to the farm. what would yo like to know? you have questions the farm has anwsers>


Welcome to the farm rezz. Throw out some detailed questions, I'm sure you'll find the info you seek.
My biggest concern is the temperature in the attic, from what i know it can fluxuate alot, and i'm sure that could be a problem. Also, i'd like to know where i could get my materials from. a place that would have supplies for an auto-watering system. I say i need this system because i will not be able to maintain these plants without it, seeing as i wont be able to water them everyday.

once again, any comments are appreciated. =]
Hi nube! Well, you asked, right? Welcome the farm rezz. I think you'll find your stay here to be pretty sweet. The place is full of good people who'll help you out at every turn. Enjoy!
Well my main concern is the temperature up there in the attic. You know? i hear the temp can fluxuate frequently and that could prove problematic. Also, i'd like to know where i can get the stuff i will need to start up. I'm going to need an auto-watering system because i'm not going to have the time to water my babies every day. Do any of you guys know where i could pick that up?


I think the mods check each post to make sure it's not spam
yeah they do, im just new so i didn't realize that untill i ended up spamming haha.. ohh well. thanks though
hi rezz.
and welcome to the farm

like mentioned above, this place is great for answers.
to get the most out of your questions, might i suggest, you post them under the appropriate section of the forum.

for example....
you are a newer grower looking into do it yourself type setups....
try posting in the "GROW ROOM DESIGN AND SET-UP" section.

your questions will get many more eyes (and brains) on it. and answers, usually come pretty quick. so, kinda stay tuned, cuz, people are hangin round the farm all day...

again welcome aboard.
Welcome to the Farm rezz :rasta:

Im sure you will love it here, and good luck with your attic set-up... Im not sure your dimensions or what light you are using, but an air cooled hood and a good inline fan or can fan should probably be a good way to keep temps down...I know my attic gets hotter than balls in the summertime.

I think Hubcap summed it up pretty much in his post. More people will see your post in the right subforum. Everyone here is infinitely helpfull, and the amount of info collected here is just astonishing, so Im sure you will find an answer helpin farmers is what its all about.

Im sure you will find your answers quickly, and just have fun browsing around at all the breeding, growroom set-up and strain info, and of course all the amazing pics in Cannabis Photography (one of my FAVE sections here):smiley_joint:

Well, Im stoned and rambling, so just surf around and enjoy the Farm!!

Thank you dr. and concept, i tried posting a thread on my setup but im not sure if it went thru, or if its caught up in admin or something.. but another is on the way, and hopefully some of you guys and more can help me get this shit crankin!