Science Advances In Matching Led Lighting To Horticultural Needs

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You mean this guy?
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It's called a radiometer and we do know how it works. :)

I used one to test my arrays.
Because meters measure white light, and I needed to find out how close I could hang my lights.
I note the speed in sunlight, then adjust the LED's distance until it's about the same speed.
Kept me from getting light bleach.
Then I adjust the R:B ratio until the leaves look black.
That get me maximum absorption.
Yeah, I know, it's not "science" but it works. :)

I did futz with lasers a bit, just because I could.
Managed to raster scan a whole leaf, but it was not easy.
Bottom line?
No matter how you slice it, 5 mW. won't grow a bush. :D

That is friggn brilliant when you think about it. I like how you roll. :D
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