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Does anybody have any suggestions for a scope to purchase to check for trich development or possibly a link to a site? What would be a good magnification level to choose? This is something I would like to invest in but I have never really seen any threads on the subject. I was hoping to spend less than $100 on it if possible. I use to have a great science supply store near my house but that is gone. Any suggestions appreciated :yes


If you are in the states, RadioShack had two versions when I bought my last one. They had a loupe with three lenses--10x, 20x, and could lok through them all at once with them lined up back to back and get 60x.

The one I bought looks like the traditional "weed scope". It is rated for 60-100x, has a light that shines on the item your viewing, a focus wheel, and a separate wheel to change the magnification with.

I really like mine. I use it on 60x almost exclusively. It IS nice to be able to turn it up though when you want to see just how much of the individual resin head has turned color.

Here's a link to the one I have

Good luck in your search.
Cali smoke

Cali smoke

I got the 60-100x one from radio shack, it's cheap and works great. :yes

Just don't forget to switch the light off after using it, I forgot and the battery died.


Thanks alot for the Radio Shack tip, damn thing is cheap but works really well. I just used a nail clipper and clipped a small amount of bud off and bam that was the best look at crystals I ever


I use the 3 lens thing from Radio Shack, think it was $15 if I remember correctly.



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I use the one from Radio Shack also , Yeah mine got pretty covered also . Thank God for alcohol and a rag:evilgrin


30-60x sounds just rigth. if you wanta a stronger scope i would go for the 420 scope.
think they got them at progrow.:talking


Yeah i just ordered mine off the internet for $16. A 30x hand held microscope ...just google "30x hand held microscope" and a lot of options will come up. It's imperative to looking at trichomes when harvest time nears. It's very exciting to look at them!


UK here using a 420 scope, cost me £15 so I guess around $30. Don't think you really need to pay more if its just for checking trichs



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i have one like the radio shack one but i forget where i got it. i think it came from the AS SEEN ON TV store at a well you just need a lil practice to master.:wait and dont fprget to turn off fans because a moving plant is hard to focus
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