Second GG4 cycle. Perpetual. Mainline.

With my first grow well underway and the clones I took before flipping being at a stage where I can start manipulating I’ve decided to try mainlining, or manifolding. Something I only just recently discovered.

Took clones with the tops, cause I couldn’t toss em 🤷🏻‍♂️

Battling that asymetric
Everything is coming back with vigour. I’m assuming 2 days, maybe 3 before another topping at witch point I will permanently tie the two mains down.

The clone of the odd ball plant that I call ‘5’ the only bagseed the didn’t hermie.

Some GG monster cropped clones, they’re taking their time to start vegging again. (Will probably put these in my backyard in so FF ocean forest)

4 more gorilla glue clones- the mainline tops. These will be going to my friend for his backyard this summer.
started tying the four mains over and everything is pretty even.
One plant is a bit lopsided but have been tying the strong side lower to even the balance!
I’m having an issue with my Coco coir as I forgot to strain it before using. Washed in some felt pots but didn’t remove all the peat, it realllly holds onto the moisture.
How much sq ft may I ask?
In my Veg im working with 3’x1’ (3 ft tall) but they’ll be going in to 3 gallon pots in a 9 sq ft room. (6ft tall)
I’ve also got my outdoor plants in the veg room right now, so it’s making it really tight. Once the last few clones finish up I can put all my outdoors under the T5’s.
Nice. Now I understand why the TS 1000. I'm looking at the Jardin Lodge 5.25 x 4 and hanging a TS 3000 in the 4x4 area.
The 3000 in a 4x4 would be great for flower IMO, I actually think I’m experiencing some light stress with the 2000 in my 3x3, they’re used to the 1000 and now they’re getting double the light, hoping they adjust or I may have to turn the light down!
Equal height.
Honestly getting worried, the GG4 stretches like crazy. I’m putting a trellis net in above them once I flip to flower and will tuck for a week. I’ve still got 15 days before I can even put em into flower. They’re gonna easily fill out my 3x3 May be cramped, and that’s my worry.
They’re REALLY filling up my 3x1, got to get em under that trellis net in the 3x3 ASAP to prevent too much stretching. The other girls are just finishing up over the weekend so it’s going to be a busy one for me!

I’ve been gently lsting the 8 mains every day to allow their lower branches to catch up. I’m combining the traditional Scrog with mainlining, by lsting I am getting those nodes ready to shoot through the net., I believe this will give me the best of both worlds with 32 CHUNKY colas and the few lower branches I decide to keep can fill out the rest of the canopy. 36 hole trellis, I figure I can get 2 branches per hole.

I know it’s high hopes but my goal is to be pulling a pound or more per harvest, if not on this one in the next few as I hone the craft.
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Transplant day, now that these pots are freed up!
Flipping in 48 hours, built a sub floor, no longer will I pull plants out of the tent! Drain pans to sit under neath.
Installing a scrog net once I’ve confirmed this floor is going to fit for me!
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