Second try, not really a soil person but why not

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So after as you can see yet another male plant... good thing I’m not a dad I would have my own baseball team by now with my luck of growing male plants lol so silly me and gonna go for another try.
Strain - 420 fast buds G14 fem auto
Nutes - whatever comes out of my DWC lol
Light - 600w lol (115w) no name blurple

I know I know, but hey my profile has a photos from the last grow and it worked some how.


Little update for this grow, I will have my spider farm 27x27x62 tent soon, than this temporarily with a mars hydro 600 and maybe the blurp for lighting will finish this off untill I change things around and maybe end up combining my hydro and soil in the same tent under a ts1000 and the blurp if theirs room
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