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Yeah I had the same problem with Attitude!Weak ass non poppin seeds!

Everyone rides on there dick so hard ..esp over at roll it up...Fck them..totally over rated with alot of dated seeds..
I wouldn't put your money down on Attitude so fast :)

The good news for me is that my frustration with Attitude seeds led me here!!!
I had ordered DNA- LA confidential from Attitude... 10 seeds and no pop.... Found 3 other people on RIU that had the same issue.. I emailed Attitude several times about this with no response....
There is no guarantee that attitude is using the freshest seeds... or if there is a batch recall they certainly don't admit it...


Why the hell would you send $400 to a seedbank without doing any research? I dont know about you but that is a lot of money to me. I would have ordered from a reputable seedbank no matter how much money I was spending. That really sucks and I would be so pissed if I was you but thats what you get for making stupid desicions.

Bill Bloome

I did a lot of checking and AMS was fairly highly recomended.Sent cash via registered mail[birthday card] and was pleased when stealthy package arrived.From my dropping card into mailbox to getting the goods took less than 2 weeks.Im happy.

No1s Wifey

Everyone rides on there dick so hard ..esp over at roll it up...Fck them..totally over rated with alot of dated seeds..

We have ordered over a dozen times from attitude minimum $250 per order, Never 1 time had a problem.

Doc Chronic started out great, bought from them and their auction, Towards the end they got confiscated a few too many times and also orders never arrived and NO confiscation letter!

Seedbay the same exact thing.

I placed my 1st order from here but the auction is the only way? That leaves a very limited stock, still things I want, but limited!!

Attitude has a section called newest stock! Order from THERE if you are having problems.

I never understand anyone who blames a seedbank for the individual breeder....

Great seeds I got from attitude include Chocolope and Sour Cream from DNA, RKS and Cole Train from Reserva Privada, All the new strains from Barneys Farm (Sorry Reef) All the new strains and mixed packs from Greenhouse, THSeeds Sage and Sour, Big Buddha Cheese and MANY MANY more.

Never had 1 "hermie" on me and also had GREAT germination rates, close to 100% (But then again, I am almost anal when it comes to germination)

I don't even mind that the discount went from !5% to 10%. (They offer a discount!) And while the guaranteed delivery is expensive, I have a nice collection of T-Shirts I give as gifts (I wear my Hostage Tee and I gave a Pirate Radio to my Ex and Youngest Son)

So, I do not consider myself "on their dick" but having worn out every other seedbank I do not mind telling ANYONE who asks, that attitude works great for me and EVERYBODY I know personally who used them!

But, as they become more and more popular they may find themselves in the same boat as the others (more and more confiscations) but as of now that has not been my experience!

But again, they do a GREAT volume so old, dated stock to me has only to do with the seed you order. And ESPECIALLY of you order from the newest stock link (For what its worth, I still order from the old site, so I dont know if the new site has the newest stock link.

And, lastly, in the interest of full disclosure, the newest stock has not been updated recently (been watching for new DNA genetics)

Bill Bloome

Spoke too soon

Ordered some Ganja Dwarfs from AMS and they arrived fairly quickly.I figured my first shot at an indoor grow would be cake.Surprise!they advertise a 90% germ on their beans and I got 4 to pop,and 2 0f those kicked the bucket.Their response to my Email was they got a 100% germ ratio,so I must have fucked up.I germed 5 of the free seeds they sent and they ALL popped.Beware the Unresponsive seed banks that dont stand behind their product.THCBay for me from now on!
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