Seeds in my plants I think

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Hi I started growing 2 plants outside amd now they are in tents (plastic greenhouse) but one had bud rot so I had to chop it early. Now the other one seems fine but seems to have seeds.
I have some photos and want to know if I need to take them out as they are still in the tree or do I wait and take them out at the end when I cut it down. The seeds look clear and round. Is that normal?
I am in Victoria Australia and the weather is getting quite cold.
I have some pics and her they are.
I would love some advice if I can pick them off the tree now if it will help with the buds.
mum so close to chopping about 2-3 weeks away I think as it started budding late.
maker mw know.
The last photo is from a couple of weeks ago.

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