Wanted Seeking Banana Cream Cake pollen to try pollinating Jealousy autos.

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New Minnesota grower here. I'm a broke-ass Medical patient on my second successful grow, in my humble 2x4 Spider Farmer, with an 8 plant limit. I'm hoping to cross a Jealousy Autoflower with a good Banana Cream Cake strain or the like, and produce a bunch of my own seeds. The "limited edition" strain of Banana Cake I got from my dispensary a while back was my absolute favorite. Their page said it was [Jealousy x Banana Cream Cake]. The terpene profile was perfectly on point for my psych issues, and the smoke incredibly tasted exactly like banana cake. Like, exactly. I want to recreate it, if I can. (original: https://visitgreengoods.com/blaine-mn-menu-med/products/1826199/vireo-banana-cake/)

If anyone has any extra Banana Cream Cake, I already have some Jealousy Autos running. I could pollinate them in about three weeks...
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