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Happy Valentines Day everyone.
My fiance and I are not in the best place today.
Back in 2020 my fiance Mom was diagnosed with Non Hodkins Lymphoma at stage 4, she was able to beat it in 3 months with the help of the doctors.
November 2023, her hip has been really  hurting and hasn't felt well for weeks. Hospital found a mass on her leg, cancer came back. She caught flu while in the hospital and on December 15th went on a ventilator. January 11th, they found signs of a stroke and developed a brain bleed. We lost her on January 23rd.
It's been only a short time since she passed and it has been everything but easy and it's taken everything to try to keep myself together for my fiance.
Today is her birthday.
Happy Birthday Mom 🩷🧡💛💚💙🩵💜🤎❤️
It's been hard and I needed to vent, send some love our way please!
Wish you all the best! Hope you enjoy your day with your loved ones!
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