She'll be a 5 x cross once im finished.!

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Strain= Lady Oblivian x Afgooey x Da Purps x Purple Urkle. I'm currently working on her by throwing a 5th strain into the mix. She's already super tight on her node spacing, that & she smells absolutely AMAZING!! 💯 🤪😜😛 So what we are going to do this go around is in going to let all of you decide on the 5th strain to throw into the mix.! I have a list of different strains I'll be posting within the next few updates on her. So we will do some sort of poll, and whatever strain that gets the most hits, that'll be the strain I use to make her 5 cross too.!
She's in a mix of vermiculite, ffof, & coco coir. Since these pics I've transplanted her to a 1 gln container just for now. At this point she was being watered with a mixture of Roots Organics, Lumina, Florlisous Plus, & Kelp. Her runoff ph is roughly 6.4, & her ppm at this time was around the 400 range. Im using a 2,000 watt led system for lighting. If you have any questions please feel free to message me. I hope you'll subb up to my adventures, this 1, and future endeavors. 😉 pics are from start to around a week ago. I'll be posting an updated pic lineup either tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for checking her out ..
So without further adoo, here she is for your viewing pleasure 😀😬
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Sounds amazing, I’ll follow along! Pictures aren’t loading for me unfortunately

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