Short and Fat Auto (Lemon OG)

I could use a little advice....I've got a couple grows under my belt but certainly love sucking up any knowledge that I can gain. I'm a bit taken back by the two Auto Lemon OGs I've got going since they're the first autos I've grown. First off, I'm really impressed with the girth of this girl, it's only at 50 days and is well over 2" thick...but... it never grew over 8" in height!. I seems like it's done growing taller but the diameter continues to thicken. (started flowering at 13 days which took me by surprise). It did get some light burn in week 2 (2-300W LEDs). So could that light burn have stunted the vertical growth? It looks completely different from every pic I've seen.
So, what can I expect? It's supposed to go 68 days....will it continue to fatten up further or more or less just ripen/mature prior to harvest?
Thinking ahead, should I try to dry this cola whole? I was told that bud rot is more prevalent in super fat buds so I didn't know if busting it up a little prior to drying would be a safe bet? Or is bud rot mostly a problem during the grow? I'd appreciate any input!