This is a quick no heat co2 generator I made. Inside are 2 XL exhale bags and 3 normal size ones. I found, like most reported on the formuns the co2 bags by themselves aren't really efficient. I have no access to co2 tank refills, nor handle the heat from a generator. Took the redneck a/c concept, and turned it into a co2 generator. The vent is on a timer that turns on for 15 min when exhaust turns off for 15. It boosts the room to 410 ppm and goes back down when exhaust kicks on. I didn't check the ppm during night time, but could imagine it might(a big might without it being tested) get around 500 ppm, exhaust is off all night and co2 still runs15 min an hour. I'll check when I borrow a buddies co2 monitor again. This idea would not hit huge levels, but some is better than none. :)
Hail Hydro

I cut my teeth on high pressure aero, but it is too complex and room temps must be below 80 (low 70s even better) or the desired cotton candy root hairs will not develop. Since temp control is an issue here, I went back to flood and drain to finish

After years of starting seedlings/clones in a 3 gallon diy bubbler with 4 head pump and 4 x 4" stone discs, I dediced to ramp up my game. One of the most important things I took away from hpa was the importance od short spray times. I implemented this in my new low pressure aero set up. 'On' time is ~ 3 MINUTES with ~ 40-60 minute rest/pause cycle. These are the best roots for 3 week old from seed I have ever had

Using a 260 gph pump, but recommend 2 -3 times the gph for better misting