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Tasty Buds

Tasty Buds

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I love mine. those pics I just posted are under a phytomax-2 600. the most developed plants in the pics loaded before the last are under one as well.
This is the last crop gonna be loading a new genetics that was in another setup that yielded 66.6 grams per 3 gallon pot so I'll be loading 13×5gallon in this setup 👌 wish me luck last pic was grown under photontek so now will be a real test for blackdog leds
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Do you think there's a big difference between phytomax-2 and phytomax-3
The only 3 I have been running for longer than a couple months is the 8SP you can see in some of the pics and judge for yourself by the pics it is rocking for 413 watts draw.

I’ll know more as time goes by but so far every strain I have tried loves them. I do not have dimmers hooked to any of them so they are all running wide open. My plants seem to love them. Way better than the hps I ran for years. Way cooler as well.

Direct answer I don’t know Yet but I will.
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