Sludge sediment or mold in water batch tanks

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What’s up everybody I tried searching in the forums for anybody having a similar issue as me, I’m having some sort of mildew or mold or biofilm in my batch, Tanks before it goes to my rooms and feeds my plants as it’s going to my room it is filtered by a disc filter .

I use a BDX skid that pulls water from a main source tank that is filtered with a big boy and then Hydrologic reverse osmosis system, my irrigation system will take water throw it into a mixing tank and pulls all the nutrients needed to mix that recipe, as soon as it’s done mixing that recipe it immediately sends it over to my batch tank (photo posted) it sits in there for no longer than 24 hours but roughly around 18 hours, as every feed schedule triggers the system to open the valves and feed the rooms and then goes through a disk filter. That’s inside of the room before it makes it to the plants so all this stuff is filtered out.

The mixing tank is empty unless it needs to mix a batch, mixing tank has no problems in it whatsoever because it’s always dry if nothing is in there, we use a decent amount of hypo in our lines and tanks and still have this issue.

Need as much insight as possible

Is it possible that the clean water is going through the skid and the skid might still have some build up on there that is infecting the water again after it’s cleaned or disinfected with hypo ?
Sludge sediment or mold in water batch tanks


It may be gypsum. Calcium and sulfur collect together and form brown like substance that looks like flakes floating at the bottom of your reservoir. That could be sucked up, gathering around the filter and dumping out as chunks?
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