Small med grow-White,BlackberyK + Jedi,True,Fire,Larry&Skywalker OG.

this is a small (legal) med grow. only 12 babies right now but i've managed to round up a nice salad of so called 'rare' OG and cali kush strains...gonna see how they all square up, whats real , whats not...hopefully they all live up to the 'hype'.

Im interested in how the 'classic' named ogs ( larry, fire) are similar to the 'rare' named ogs ( True og, skywalker og, jedi og,) Or if its all re-named cut B*S*...

BBerry Kush is in there for my wife , its an extra dank cut of bberryK (....there are a lot of them out there as well ;)

and the White is in there just to see what all the fuss is about....and possibly for a future pollen chuk for the summer (x orig. herijuana BX )

Pics in the morning- waiting for the camera to charge.

happy to be on the Farm for the first time- been hangin out at canacom and ic for the past little while.

jj :damnhippie:


cant wait to see the lil garden bro sounds like a sweet lil line up
hey guys sorry no photos yet still trying to track down my cam charger.

Already had to switch the jedi OG to flower, shes a fast grower , sativa dom for sure....going to switch a True OG over this weekend-quite the opposite , very indica dom growth.

The White is in there to mother out , so wont be seeing any flowers from her for a while :( ....but shes already REALLY impressive , even at this early stage. Same with the Skywalker og - super impressive.

anyways , sorry for the lack of pics , but here are a few from my LAST grow - This is 1 plant . Sour Kush ( Cletus version= SAGE n SOUR x Larry og )

flowered her for 11 weeks . 7 zips off 1 girl in a 3 gallon pot , just pure rank... almost lemon meaty , haze funk.

...Would certianly grow her again if I were more of a sativa head..hard core powerful smoke.


ok yo finally found the camera charger..heres some random current pics :stonedsmilie:


"True" OG minimom...not sure what the 'True' OG is , im sure its some re-name of something were all familiar with, maybe not, indica growth pattern for an og, very fuely dank smellin, leaves look like the fire..i like what i see from this og :)


the white...this plant just kicks ass...she has the straightest most razor sharp leaves iv ever seen. Seems impervious to everything, just sits there looking sexy. Leaves look OG/Chem ish, i dont have a clue about what this clone is, only heard many good things, and so far its kickin major ass...smells kinda chemy/fuely, with an overnote of baby poo :smirk


skywalker og minimom.....this one is allso a very impressive OG..what ever it is ;) ...smells much more lemon/dirty than the more earthy og smell from the 'true' og. She grows fast, and looks to be an N hore ;)


fire/raskal whatever og minimom

I like this plant. I like the way it grows , and smells :) ..smell is a lot more fuel heavy leamon , a lot like the 'true' og ...but a bit more branchy....all this og back and forth can give a fool a headache ;) ..all I know is that they ALLL smell good and im sure they will ALL kick ass :blush


some new additions , they need a bit of love i know , but are in good hands now :)....Tahoe og, stardawg, and orignial ALIENDAWG baby :stonedsmilie:
will do mate, for sure !

will post picks soon of the Larry, Jedi, blackbery...they are under the screen just started flower . Kinda small for how i like to flower (single plant scrogs baby :)...anyways, got the other girls goin to keep the med supply up.

looks like p.o. and pnc got it going on. nice come up there jessejames. good luck on your grow. that fire is a bitch at times to deal with but puts out some nice ass og. its suppose to be the raskal but it dont matter what it is because the bud it puts out leaves you stoned anyways. ohh and by the way all those new og's popping up most likely are cali connect phenos or other seed og phenos . people always trying to cash in here at the clubs you know how it is.
Hey All, well about 3 weeks in to flower now so i will o and snap a few photos today , now that there is somethin interestin to looks at ;)

Unfortunatly the larry og brought some crazy mean mites into my flower tent ( yea cant blame PO , i should have isolated her for longer ) Anyways , Ive been usin Azatrol to control them for the time being , seems to be working so far , going to spray with spinosad as well . Luckily ive got at least a few more weeks where i can hit them pretty hard with sprays and stuff before i have to start to worry about taste contamination ( I'm about to go and grab a tank of CO2 and crack that puppy in there to kill em all :fighting0040:...they just laughed at the No Pest strips I hung earlier.)

Im very impressed with the True OG and Skywalker og.. both look similar , but have totaly different variations of the OG smell.
the blackberry k isnt going anywhere for a long time. nothing is keeping up to her in terms of resin output.
The Jedi is Super sativa growth pattern, looks like shes going to be a long flower time for her.

ANYways . Ill take a few picks this afternoon.