Smell proofing a small greenhouse

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Hello, I have been searching for answers and I have found few. I am looking to start an outdoor crop with 2-4 medium to large plants. Biggest and only problem is I am 15m away from 4 different neighbors (track homes) but backyards do have a 6ft brick privacy wall. I am in a legal state but I dont want to bother my neighbors and rippers of course. I have a brand new 6x8x6ft greenhouse. My plan is to dig the greenhouse down 18-24" with a concrete slab so that it only sits about 4ft tall. I plan on adding a 6-8inch ultra silent carbon scrubber and inline fan with muffler and silencers and all that, with a small ozone generator running in the exhaust duct. I was going to seal the roof panels to ensure all air being extracted was odiferous air from plants as well as ensure a proper negative pressure, it would only be used for 1 photo run and 1 auto run a year. I would use fruity/low odor strains, our humidity is almost nothing so mold and rot would not likely be issues i hope. I am trying to find possible issues. Could this setup keep 2-3 low odor monsters a secret? Any tips or suggestions is so appreciated. Thank you!

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