Soma and Resin Coffeeshop/Seeds?

Saw this:

"Resin Seeds Feminised
Please welcome a fabulous new feminised only company. The producer, the nephew of the acclaimed seed breeder Soma, has brought some of Soma's most famous seeds to you in feminised."

The logo looks exactly like the coffeeshop in Dam...the relatively newly refurbed Pooldog up towards the station:


I guess first question is, is the coffeshop related to Soma in any way? And secondly, has anyone tried any Resin seeds?

They have two strains that I would love to try:

"Cannatonic - The best of both worlds, a phenotype selected from the hybrid corss between a female MK Ultra(F1) & the all time famous G13 Haze male. Grows like an Indica, smells like a Sativa and renders you... Cannatonic!

Genetics: MK-Ultra x G13 Haze"

"LA Ultra - Nearly pure Indica! One of the most powerful cannabis strains available. Is it MK Ultra? L.A. Con? Or a mutant Hybrid? It's for you to find out...

Genetics: Top Secret!"

Yeah, like it isn't MK x LA Con. Anyhow, both sound great....but never heard of the seed co before....anyone??

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I have some of these LA Ultra on the way to the farm in a grab bag from the cup..

Here are some in a pic of goodies so they are real..

hehehehehehe...I should have expected you to already be on top of it :) If and when you decide to get the LA Ultra wet I'd love to know how they run. I can't imagine MKxLA being anything but a seriously naughty smoke.....want....! (wouldn't mind that Snowcap Romulan too...nice haul dude)


Oh great, more feminised hacks from Spain, just what we need more of!


nice. resin was the first ever shop i smoked lavender in years back. they must be good friends with soma. to release seeds. and texas kid. what seed makers are those red packets?
I heard it was soma's niece who ran Resin. Not really sure tho. The coffeeshop itself is a cool place to chill but I've been there on three separate occasions and the grass is never that good except for the one time I had some decent lavender and mk ultra.


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Resin Coffeeshop is owned by a Morrocan. SOMA's son in law was "part owner" when it first opened a 3 years ago. But now he has nothing to do with it.

SOMA's son in law and a Spanish grower started Resin Seeds last year in Spain.

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I've been going in there for YEARS...prolly mid 90s...was always one of the best pooltables in town as the Pooldog, now way better with proper smoke, decent tunes and a lick of red paint. Nothing green ever struck me on the menu, but their hash and iceolator stuff looked insanity (as was the price) and I figured that's why the name. Would be nice to find another place that you can smoke selections before buying seeds, like GA/DNA do.


i had high hopes when this was opening as it was touted as being a coffeshop tha works with growers to supply the herb and somas name was thrown around alot aswell

all i found was mediocre weed at best and alot of shit
the hash is prety good some times but expensive

apart from the weed its a nice coffeshop

i find amsterdam more about the comfort of the shop these days rather than the quality weed and hash


I am about to buy some cannatonic seeds, can anyone give me a report on the grow and the quality/effects?