Some Crazy refrigerator grows from 2009.

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Back in the dark ages (2009),I learned to hide my grows in the refrigerator. ;)
Babe, please get me a bud from the fridge, LOL.
Just cups sitting in the "Lucas Formula", in a litter box sized tub.
000 0138
000 0139

A 4" fan inlet at the bottom, and I cut a hole for a 4" fan out the top, and used 400 watt lamp with a 360watt HPS conversion bulb.
The first seeds I grew were from some cheapo, fake seed dealer on the web, and I had 10 foot sativas wrapped around in there.
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It was a rough ride, lol and that sativa would never finnish. Old buds ripened, and new buds kept coming. I finally ended it.
I kept playing with cheap, free bag seed, before I finally tried the Attitude seed bank, and got my first REAL breeder's seeds.
I learned a lot from those free bag seeds, and took a lot of pics. I even grew some breeder seeds in there, until I moved out to a dedicated space, that the landlord found, because he got curious and checked out the new door I installed.
Here's some of those pics.
I still keep 2 grow friges for experimental breeding projects, and cloning.

These are some Bag seed clones that had a great high.
Fridge 2 6 5 2010 Flowering clones  mixed ages1
Fridge 2 6 5 2010 Flowering clones  mixed ages2
Fridge 2 week 8 6 20 103
Fridge 2 week 8 6 20 104
6 gr bud1

Some Serious Seeds White Russian @ 8 wks. You might notice a little heat stress :):
Serious Seeds White Russian 8 wks 33 inches with 1 gal pot Top view1
Serious Seeds White Russian 8 wks 33 inches with 1 gal pot2

My poor White widow:
WW 6 6 2010

Thats all for now.
I got a Gorilla cookies Auto, and others breeding program coming up. I'll keep ya posted.
I can only attach 20 files, LOL.
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