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j wizzle

j wizzle

hey swerve my keeper of the alien og looks nothing like that plant.
that plant has light green thinner leaves.
mine super dark green super wide leaves with purple veins the stalk also has them.
dense compact buds great tric coverage very frosty foul skunky lemon smell.
do you no what pheno this my be?
tahoe og or alien dom maybe? idk

i have four in veg and they all look like this. super dark green wide leaves. super vigor, really nice plants. the roots are just huge. i hope i get some females...


wow, Sooooooo dank!!!

what traits are we all looking for in the alien dom keepers? resin production? bud size? does it add any new flavors or smells? looks fucking awesome :bug:bug:bug:bug:bug


Nice buds . Hey swerve send some gear down south !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey edux, from my experience with the Grass Knuckles V2, the one I thought was Alien dominant was a bushy, very wide fans, early resin production, and a fast finish. The Alien seems to add resin and a shorter flowering time. The smell is kinda hashy and dry, if that makes sense. Its got a hashy, lightly floral and chocolate taste. A green hit tasted like you inhaled too closely to your grandmother and can taste old lady perfume. This is just my Grass Knuckles V2 I grew out. Still got half a pack left and some Grass Knuckles x Vortex. I want to see how much of the Alien traits are passed. Just for fun. Have fun and take care.


jwizzle yea i hope you get some full on girls outta them.
mine went hermi which i dont get as the test plant was fine.
i flowered the test plant out in a 6" sq pot and it didnt show any male flowers or traits what so ever.
and being flowered out in that small ass 6" for 9wk i figured was good enough a test.
but this round i had 3 in flower and all 3 had little bunches of male flowers forming.
sucks to as i had really high hopes for that plant thought i had something special as far as phenos as mine looked diff from every alien og pic ive seen so far.
anyway wish you luck my test plant was fucking fire so hope you get something like that without the hermi prob.
good luck happy growing


im not crying its the pollen. beautiful. oh i so promise not to pull up early ever again. patience produces dankness. i got it. i sees whacha meanses d-man. happy happy joy joy.


ive had a smoke and that but i dont get you, guy above me.
about the alien og got a friend a ten pack for his 30 birthday and after about three weeks veg he says they are looking great cant beleive the speed of them. should have alein dog v2 comin soon cant wait to get them into the ground.


anyone got any pics of these AOG in veg. i have 3 that all look a little different....


looks nice a pak jus waiting to be spring 2011 jack starts his beanstalk

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