Sour Bubble 6 weeks in flower

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Hey farmers!

Just wanted to show you some pics of my BOG's Sour Bubble bx1, got it as cut from a friend, thanks man! Haven't tried her before, looking forward to tasting this girl, has a very dieselish flavour to her. She's 6 weeks in flower, she's a small one, ain't going to yield much, but is a special little girl.


take care farmers


wow looking alot like some bubba are other kushes ive seen. very dank man sounds like your in for some fuel.


shes a beauty Worddd..the sb's need a long veg time for a decent yield,got myself a few(from seed) that have been veggin' for 6 weeks now gettin ready to switch them over hopefully find a nice pheno from my pack.
nice work Worddd!


I think the Sour Bubble looks better than Bubba plants, from what I have seen. Which is odd, bubblegum didn't say to have any kush in it but it's a very Kush far as plant shapes.

Nice grow. I don't know why people debate Bubba Kush being bubble gum and hindu kush when it's obvious and not at all hard to see. It's the fact that many people don't realize how easy it is to make these simple F1 crosses and see for yourself.

Sour Bubble is a nice plant, it seems to be stable...I did grow some LSD from bog and man that was not at all even close to stable...but I did find a great ECSD pheno and it was a nice one!

I don't know much about Sour Bubble, but just BOG Bubble has caught my eye....that is a very bubblegum (Indica) plant for having Diesel in the cross...must of been back crossed to get the Diesel flavor and potency with the INdica cold tolerance, growth style and more CBD.


heya, thanks guys!

I can't comment much on how she compares to bubba and others a like, definitely some special landrace qualities in sour bubble imo. The smell from her differs very much from what you'd assume from looking at her, I'd expect more earthy flavors instead of the diesely smell she's putting out.

Heres some updated shots from yesterday, she's now getting flushed and getting closer and closer to choppity chop


shamus dolan

shamus dolan

thats a photo of the month winner !!! up


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killer looking pics bro! very nice. i got seeds of sour bubble x twisted purple og kush. been waiting to pop them till i have room but looking at ur pics makes me wanna get them going. nice work homie


nice to see what to expect from these later on in flower as mine are just about 2 weeks in now with lots of variation in the 3 girls i kept from the pack i popped none look like yielding massively but we'll see..good job with your piglets worddd look forward to some chop pics!!


Hey Farmers, thanks for dropping by and checking out my little sour bubble.

hey shamus, thanks man, which pic should win, lol, thanks bro!

hey skf, thanks bro, without having tried this girl yet I'd say go for them beans, sounds like a winner cross, depends on phenos used for the cross, but should definitely have something good in them. get popping, lol

thanks winta, for sure some special colors on this girl.

hey darkplace, thanks bro, hope you find a nice keeper from your phenos, if ya like, feel free to put up some pics of your sour bubble's in here.

heay Elemental, thankss, sure looking forward to testing this girls buzz, hope I'll be able to agree with you after trying sour bubble

taker care farmers
Mud Man

Mud Man

serious girls, sexy ladies, K+

Praying mine look 1/2 as nice as them there !:character0103:


heres some sourbubble 4 weeks in...gonna get real explosive from here on in im positive!! :muscle




thanks for letting me throw them up Worddd peace bro
Mud im sure yours are gonna be stellar as always..peace :smoke


nice plants, good to see some bog genetics back on the forums.
i was a big fan of bog back in the OG days, he left the biz 4 some years but is back and running. bog bubble is highly recomended.
the sour bubble is a resessive trait found in in bogs boglegum and does not contain any ecsd it is just bubblegum with a twist.
and yes it looks like what people are calling kush now a days.kush has just become another brand name for the seedvendors. most of the seeds sold as kush has nothing to do with the real plants growing in the hindukush region. dont be fool`d by the hype the seedvendors try to pull just to get your cash.
just my to cents.
keep em coming, looking hella good, are you growing bog style and what are you feeding her.


Looking goood Darkplace, some nice big dark green leaves and some pretti lil buds, good times ahead:rock
I chopped my Sour Bubble little more than a week ago, hanging and soon ready to be jarred, will get some shots up some time soon


wow and wtf!!! she is a beauty Worddd with some amazing hues coming through with the super frost..bravo! now im excited!!!!
connoisseur - glad you like BOG'S offerings too! got some bogbubble,lsd,grape punch and more sour bubble to do some damage with at some far as feeding goes i just go with guano tea and some canna bio during flower with the alg-a-mic greening things up in veg.
cant wait for a smoke report Worddd..let us know how you feel about it wont ya? :bong2:
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