Spider Farmer May Giveaway-Spider Farmer SE3000 LED



4 SE models

Could a complete novice, and about to become a first time grower, who is just starting to put their 3x3x6 kit together after months of research, and going to keep a dedicated diary, win their first grow light, one of the best on the current market from reviews i've seen. Got to be in it, to win it, a lot of Manifestation to be done over the next couple weeks, best of luck to all ☘️


Spider Farmer May Giveaway】 👏👏

Spider Farmer new giveaway is coming now! If you were not lucky enough to win the previous giveaways. Don't miss this one!! 😉

How to participate.:🥳
1. Question: How many LED models of the SE series does the Spider Farmer have?
2. Answer the question & Leave your country in the comment with the hashtag #spiderfarmer
3. The winner is required to share a grow diary

SE3000 LED Grow Light

The winner will be randomly picked on June 14th and announced!!!!

P.S. Extra 8% OFF discount code "SFTHC" to get the best price!
🎈Click the link to get one: www.spider-farmer.com

Good luck! bro🍭
4 models!
Chile! We’d would love to have more access to spider farmer products down here!

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