Starting photos in same tent as week 4 auto.

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First grow, just cleaned the rwc system. Going to germinate after I hear input here.

I raised my auto and dimmed light to 60% so that im receiving 5k lux at the floor (seedling) and 20k lux still at the autos lid. When the auto was on the floor and light was at 100% I was getting 20k at the lid. So to me its still receiving the same amount of light. I will lower it and turn up the light as the seedling requires more light.

Temp is 75.6 at top max 78. At bottom its 72.5 regardless of light intensity.

One question is how much light is too much for my auto? Can it handle 40k lux? I never lowered the light on it either. . topped it last week. . .dunno when it will flower, this is day 31 from sprout.

Sound like a decent plan? And yes my air pump is above all water level incase it fails.
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