Stay away from 2Water Everyone he will BURN YOU

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Promised me seeds and pollen. Stood me up on the day of the meet. Comes on here acts like he didn't just burn someone.

Stay away from this guy. He's a liar and a fake. And that's the Truth.


I wasn't going to, but since my name is being besmerched.... let me atleast have chance to speak my part.

We were supposed to meet up initially because I had offered to give you my extra lights and inline fan to help you build up your grow area. I then told you how I had plans for the future and would give you pollen from Trina's seeds. She hasn't even been harvested yet, so what pollen can I give you?

Anyways, I offered to GIVE you those things, invited you to my house to check out my setup and chill and smoke with my wife and we could talk about growing. You acted sketchy, so I said fuck it and withdrew from interacting with you.

You have my number, you could have reached out, why didn't you? Why come straight on the board, hit up Logic, and try to make me look bad?

There are alot of things I COULD say about you, but I won't. Take that how you will, but I never scammed or lied or cheated you. I do not need to jump through hoops to try and HELP someone.

Good luck to you and all of your growing endeavors
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