Stout 6" Carbon Filter?

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Hi all! First post, so I figure first things first, I'll lead with the obligatory "What's up?! Good to be here! Thanks for having me!"

Anyways, I'm looking around for a low profile 6" carbon filters. I grow in 2'x4'x7' wardrobes, split horizontally for a "grow rack" effect. I've been mono-cropping a lower odor strain for years, so I've only ever really had to carbon scrub the air in my dry room, and the way the wardrobes were designed leaves no room for an internal scrubber, however the new strains I'm working with are stinking the place up pretty bad, and are going to require an external filter, and stat. Problem being, I don't want to put big ass scrubbers on top of my wardrobes and ruin the whole "incognito" effect I've worked so hard to create.

Before I go nuts trying to re-flange a little 4" scrubber somehow, I figured I'd simply ask if any of you have seen/know of/are currently using a 6" filter that is on the shorter end of the spectrum. The one I have is just too big to throw up there and feel any good about it.

Thanks a bunch!

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