Straight Coco vs promix mixture

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what has better growth?
which one is going to yeild more?
What are the benefits of both?
Overall which is better to use?


It depends on your wants/needs and your setup. I run pure coco in a drain to waste setup. It’s fairly simple to setup, saves you time, consistent quality/yields. But if done right, an organic mixture with Pro-mix would have the edge in terms of harvest quality. If you go the organic route I would suggest a no-till setup using soil beds. That way your soil gets recycled the natural way instead of manually mixing up soil after every grow. I gotta say though, your growing media is only one variable in the equation. If the rest of your environment is dialed in and you know your plant’s requirements then their health, growth rate, and yield will be pretty similar regardless of the growing media.


Hey there, I used to hand feed in promix and sunshine mix#4 with salts.

I now run a mix of Coco & Clay Pebbles (60/40 mix) in DTW. Multiple lighter & smaller feeds (lower PPM) a day in Coco mix is key to yields (4-6 times a day, depending on size of pot and plants).

Depending on strain, I can yield anywhere from 1/4 - 3/4 pound per plant doing it this way. I run 2000 watts in 4x8 tents (x2).

It all depends what you want to achieve as a goal set in mind.
More Smaller plants more feeds will give you tighter nodes smaller yield per plant but in the end you want to hit 1.5 - 2 grams per watt of light.

Bigger and less plants, bigger yields per plant and more airy less dense flower.

You need to try this method to really appreciate it, you get to save on nutrients, you can have large amount of plants and is easily expandable & of course fundamentally easy. Just need to keep a close eye on , PPM, PH of nutrients and PH of root zone.
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