Straight up dried cow poop.

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So I have done 2 seeds both in cow poop.

The first one germinated quickly and kind of stopped growing.

Its been 3 weeks. And she's just not happy.

I decided to go again and plant a second seed

Her are the pics.

She is only a few days old
hopefully I will get better response.



Are you living in india right now? Looking forward to seeing your results. Also curious What seeds are you using
Bag seeds.

No I don't live in india.

I live in Canada ontario.

I get the cow cakes from a farm in vrindavan india.

They are very organic.

Cows naturally graze on grass

No hormones no antibiotics no fertilizers no pesticides no herbicides.

I did learn that you have to soak the pucks drain the water and allow for the pucks to Dry completely one last time before using.

If I don't soak and let dry again It does burn plants.

Wich makes me wonder whats going on.


Manure really isn't that strong npk wise but all of them have high concentrations of salt and the weathering in a compost heap flushes this. Perhaps soaking longer will help?


Perhaps these cow patties have less salt though since they aren't feed lot could check the EC if you have a meter
EC reads 1.6
Ppm 800

I'm just guessing but I think when preparing the pucks I can soak them and let them dry. I think it definitely helps flush some of the salts.

If I do it right I could get the starting mix lower in ec.


[email protected] got me on the cow manue path! Started mine last year. Got some two year, hay eating cow poop. And my garden was the happiest it's ever been! Plants were praying all summer! They have great smell, and potency, so am sticking with local feed store cow poop. Much cheaper than fox farm and all the rest! And there is no poop flavor like some say is the case.
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