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Axel Rose

Axel Rose

🍪 Dosidos #55 🍪

I got her on 4/20 as a gift from my cousin... I've heard great things about the strain, so far she is a steady grower with beautiful structure. She got topped at the 8th node and grew into a beautiful Bush all by herself. Currently she is in a 3 gallon pot and approaching a full week of flower.

Here is a clip I made from the day I got her to week 1 of 12/12.
Axel Rose

Axel Rose

🍹Mimosa Pie 🥧
The plants are amost at week 4. I rearranged them and also gave them a second drench of biowar og on Wednesday. They have been getting foliar sprays with seaweed after week 1.

Almost ready to transplant.
Axel Rose

Axel Rose

Teaser 🥰

Sourced out new babies.
🍪Dosidos 🍪nor cal cut
🔥Bubba Diagonal 🔥

All are goi g in a 1 gal pot of ocean forest watered with OG Biowar. Gotta get these babies rejuvenated.
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