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I'm a guitarist who does lots of improvisation with other musicians and in the recording studio. I'm in search of strains to grow that help inspire this type of activity. Your favorite pheno to listen to music could be quite different from the one that helps inspire you to play music. Too lethargic and you don't play for long too clean of a sativa and you can't keep your train of thought long enough to develop a musical idea. This leaves you with crosses that I understand effect everyone differently. Any musicians with any input. Sorry for the long windedness, just trying to eliminate a lot of posts that are off the mark.


I got some of what I think is the real deal KK strawberry cough, but whatever it is... most definately the best for gettin ur groove on.

It's the perfect hybrid. It feels 'tight', haha.. but when you play, especially if you're trying to practice or whatever.. there's that 'tightness' you need to play.

Other strains, I get too loose. Like I get where I don't really want to play.. but just listen. But w/ the Straw. Cough.. I get that 'I want to play' feeling. Not listen.. but play.

OG kush just makes me want to stare at the guitar and go.. coooooool, it's purple.


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I agree! My strawberry kush & C99 gets me going and I dj at clubs. I have to be creative and work on the fly, feel the crowd's vibe & energy flowing to me and work off that to provide a good time to the crowd. .02


I had aStrawberryCoughxLovePotion cross that would always let me get my MoJo on,and I agree with frogeye Hazes tend to work well also:rastadancing:


Thanks for all the input everybody. I have also heard about hazes being popular with musicians. I actually have some G13 x Haze in soil now.


if you can play this baked im impressed



if you can play this baked im impressed

Sweeping isn't as impressive as you think it is. Its all muscle memory. Very Simple technique, I was sweeping when I was 13 and I'm sure there are a few farmers who play guitar who can back me up on that lol.

I always go for a nice haze when I wanna play.


How about this: :D

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I agree on the Blue Dream, also had some great jams with Jack Herer...the strain not the person...

ZF: I interviewed Chad Wackerman in 1990 for a documentary :) Did you see Dweezil and the Zappa plays Zappa tour? So sweet!:rock

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Hey zappafan99 , I'm a guitarist too, and I just harvested some deep chunk x c99 2 mo. ago and it is the shit for playing Blues if you only take 1 big hit, any more and you forget WTF you were playing and where you where at. I find that one big hit and a small maintenance hit about every 2 hrs. does it for me. Good luck and jam like your breaking out of jail !!! ---------SS


I'll give another prop to the cough. Its such a great "up" high, totally motivating! I love ripping out some licks smoke a spliff of the cough!


Jack Herer, Widow, SSH, afghan strains...I like me a racy sativa cuz i rap and it gives me the energy to put that extra emphasis.

I love kush but i stay away from it when im in the studio.


how about some nl5/haze kinda puts you in that transendental state i do a lil drumming and some guitar [rythem] and i love the heady buzzzzzzzzzzzz
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