Sunleaves Rocks vs hydroton

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Sunleaves Rocks are a reusable growing medium with serious H20-holding power for use in any kind of garden. They're made by superheating shale to temperatures up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, rendering them pH-neutral and chemically inert. Gardeners can make their lives a little easier, take care of their plants, and take it easy on the planet when they grow with the rock that doesn't roll! Mined and manufactured in the United States.

anyone tired these? how do they compare to hydroton?

here are the benefits i can see although i have not tried them yet but a buddy just put them in his Ebb and Grow.

  • heavier! a bag is over 60lbs. more weight means plants stand up without support better.
  • Cheaper
  • the shape and porus exterior makes me think they will retain more solution after a drain
  • cleaner - very easy to clean for the first time unlike hydroton, also reported by store owner to be easier to clean after a cycle
  • dont roll around when you spill a few!

just looking for some feedback from someone who has used them especially in a ebb and flow setup. any input from guru's who have not used them is always welcomed as well but please state if you have used them or not!
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no one used these? well i got a bro using them just popped cuts last night so I'll report back on them through out his grow if anyone is interested. bio balls looked cool but dont look to have the liquid retention properties i think i need for my type of fill and drain setup plus they look to light like they would hold a plant as good as sure to grow lol. these are rocks so no leaning plants with these i hope just leaning branches from heavy buds!


i am interested in the results of these as well. looking for an alternative to hyrdotron on the UC system


I know one of the biggest reasons for the expanded clay pebbles was that you wouldnt get build up of certain nutrients getting stuck in odd surfaces of the medium, also, the pebbles are smooth, so when the medium is flooded and then sinks back down when the water leaves, you wouldnt get roots being crushed or stressed. hope that helps
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