Super Lemon Haze manifold 12:12 from seed

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Experimenting with the nebulus manifold technique which is supposed to grow 8 colas from two toppings.

She's growing in compost and shower water and has just started preflowering after maybe six weeks growth.

Last night I found a snail dining on the number seven cola, so it is now smaller than the others. I wasn't planning on hitting the flowering stage yet but it seems like ~12 hour days set them off, even though the days are getting longer.

I'm deciding whether I should cut off a bud site or two to focus energy at stronger colas, or just leave it as an experiment and let it run.
Super lemon haze manifold 1212 from seed


I can’t answer your question but like you, I manifolded these three and have wondered if I should let the secondary climbers under the canopy live and flower, or should I treat them like suckers and terminate them. I’m not a cola size queen (not that there’s anything wrong with that! 😂), just angling for the most bud. Eager to read the responses you get.

(Clockwise from left: Shiskaberry, Mimosa x Orange Punch, White Runtz)

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Week 9? (Can't remember when she popped)
IMG 20230327 080608 604
IMG 20230327 080812 720

IMG 20230327 080759 708

Her uncut sister for comparison.
IMG 20230327 080624 309

Abandoning project after proof of concept, I'll have to try on a proper light cycle.

The heavily pruned plant has much smaller leaves but way more of them, to the point they overlap. The manifold method outdoor seems to have produced more useful buds and kept the plant at much more managable height. The only training was getting the two stems to grow somewhat sideways after the first pruning, but apical dominance is still severly restricted. Next time I'll have to try LSTing the lower branches to get more sunlight than the "upper" branches. Also pruning lower budding sites so the plant concentrates on the colas.

Manifold stresses the hell out of your plant so it's only for faster growing strains, but if your environment suits sativas I say outdoor growers should give it a try - it's like the poor man's scrog.

How to guide.

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