super OG Kush, top or lst or what

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still just seedlings and starting the real 2nd leaf so i have time to decide.
6x8 ft room with 6 ft max height. 2 ts3000 mars led lights.
only 4 plants but i want room to move around between them.
from what i've read here i should let them fill half the floor area (looking from above) and then flip them, and that makes sense to me.
so do i top or just LST or both?
another member here said these don't grow very tall.
only my 2nd grow so still trying to learn pretty much everything


What are your intentions for the grow? You say you want to be able to get around them...? If you are interested in doing a SCROG, then I would say yes (even if you don't use a trellis). Top your plant near the 5th node and keep your plants apart, but, if you don't control the growth with a SCROG, your plant will have different areas of lights closest to the lights than from the bottom of the plant and this will drastically change how buds will develop if the plant is not shaped to stay open so that light you provide ( your driving force) is not distributed evenly. So, it depends on what you want to accomplish with your grow 😉
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