Switched from RO to Tap. Seeing some N Toxicity. Not sure why.

So here's some current pic of what the buds are doing. Im guessing the buds are like this because of the K but i could be wrong. I lowered the K down about 3 days ago but its hard to tell because i have to wait to see a change. What do you guys think this looks like?

20190827_184207 - Copy.jpg
20190827_184159 - Copy.jpg
20190828_155246 - Copy.jpg
20190827_184225 - Copy.jpg
Yeah I was having a hard time controlling Humidity and temp for a minute. The room used to be 4 lights and i added in 2 more to make it 6 and the dehu couldn't keep up. I had a quest 155 laying around so I threw that in there and got my climate in check that was about 2 days ago. I also added the new lower K mix in the veg and they didnt seem to like it. They started having some yellowing.