Switching to salts, could use a fair amount of help please

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I have been growing for a couple years but i really need to up my feeding game, i've been winging it based on the research i've done and can manage to understand. But my grows have lately not gone as well and i want to start over a bit and do it right

At this time i am growing indoors in tents, using promix HP and liquid fertilizer but i really want to move on to salts. Would prefer to keep using promix HP but i'm willing to hear you out if you think i should move on from it. I have a mix of Auto's and photo's but moving toward majority photo

As far as salts go, i hear that Athena has a good line of them (happy to hear anyone out if they have other suggestions), my problem is i'm not sure what to get and how much to use, A basic feeding calendar/table would be amazing, I also understand that i should be measuring EC, i'm familiar with the concept but could really could use recommendations on a tool that will do so. To my understanding i should be shooting for 3.0 EC? but i imagine that varies.

I'm sure there are other question here i should be asking that i just don't have the experience for. Any help and guidance is really appreciated.


me and my brother have been growing for years, we started back in the day with boxes made out of wood and pc case fans than started using hps lights with fox farms soil and from there we started growing with coco coir / rockwool.
my favorite medium too grow with is coco coir it is a very high performing medium i can feed every single time i water and i get explosive growth!. also i if you mix perlite into your coco you can feed more often without over watering :)

i use synthetic salt based fertilizers with coco coir and i love the results i get :)
never tried promix hp i dont even know what it is, is it soil? or is it a soil-less medium?


I was using ProMix HP in 4 gallon fabric bags with good results but this grow I decided to try 3 x 5 gallon SIP's with GroBuckets and a hempy bucket with perlite.

On the left is a Six Shooter Auto being fed Mega Crop one part from Greenleaf Nutrients.


On the right is a Wedding Cheesecake Auto being fed General Hydroponics Maxi Series.


Both are measured by weight/gallon, much easier than liquids and milliliters !

I rarely use a ppm meter but instead mostly follow their feeding chart suggestion,, paying close attention to the shade of "green" of the leaves and any tip burn before increasing feed BUT I try to never go over 1000 ppm !

BTW > my well water has a ppm of 500 and a ph of 7.5

I do Not use any ph down. Both nutrient brands and the ProMix HP are ph buffered !

Day 117 Full 15 Nov 2023

This is the Six Shooter Auto upper half, the result of bud back building. Basically on week three to five of flower snip off ~ 1/4" of the apical bud. This stops its dominance and caused the bud to "fatten up " and gives the lower buds a chance to "catch up" !

Day 115 SS bud top 13 Nov 2023

Good luck with your choice/grow !

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