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Hello growers!

This is my 4th grow and i decided to go for a perpetual S.O.G. 1 ft single cola a week is enough dank for me, so i decided to get a 250w H.P.S. i got some 8-10 week strains so in the flower area will not be more than 10 plants.

Past grows were made using sunlight and i wish to keep my mother/veg room that way. the room on summer can reach 94 F so the lamp will be on at nights, quite discretion is needed

So its time to build an area where my plants can flower... my first idea is using panda plastic, i know 250w can light a 60x60 cm surface, what size to you think is best to avoid plastic burning and heat problems?

The main goal here is to create the best environment possible,

I have a 60x60 enclosed area (4mm plywood)which is on the non used space of a ladder, so the room could use fresh air from there

What do you think? can i use that area for flower or is best to build a new, bigger one?

Thank u in advance


For a 250w light that's about the right size foot print (2' x 2' for us metrically challenged folks). I run a 250w MH in an area that size for veg and it works well. You should be fine if you can get some air movement. A 2 x 2 flood tray holds (16) 6" net pots. Here's a simple pic to give you an idea of the coverage.

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