Thai govt warns about seeds scam

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Don't believe ganja seeds for stocks says Thai Govt...
Posted 5 hours ago
FDA warns against believing "ganja seeds for stocks" claims

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Picture: Sanook

Deputy at the Food and Drug Administration pharmacist Supatra Bunserm has warned potential growers of hemp to avoid falling for a scam that is growing prevalent in Thailand.

People have been asked to register for 1,000 baht and buy stocks for a further 1,000 baht and in return they will get seeds.

Only official outlets like the Research and Development Institute are allowed to supply the seeds, she said.

Thaivisa notes that seeds as well as buds and flowers remain illegal despite the easing of restrictions on some parts of hemp and marihuana plants.

Supatra outlined the process for gaining permission to grow hemp in the Sanook story.
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