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So weed is legal in Thailand. I know it’s only .03% but I’ve van heard of loads of stores opening up selling the good stuff.

Just thought that people who are there or just got back to start posting the places they found that had the best weed and what strains they found to be the best.


I've been to India, but never made it to Thailand.
However, I regularly grow ACE 'Double Thai' which is a cross between Koh Chang Thai x Meao Thai

It makes absolutely fantastic hashish. This is my favorite smoke for mornings or before a long meditation session.
I've got a friend who lives in the foothills of the Uttarakhand and he once said to me to watch for strains of hash named 'creme' like Malana Creme from Himachal Pradesh, since its usually the good stuff.

LOVE the low % strains. Can't go wrong with isolated landrace charas.
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