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Below is a list of the equipment available (all is new and crated in original box), please note that the Extractor and Distiller include set up and in person technical consulting:

> C02 Extraction: Greenmill SFE Pro 10L (ca. 80lbs biomass per day). This is laboratory equipment designed for formulating and processing 3 different products during the SAME extraction cycle. It is super critical (7200psi) and has 3 fractioning collection vessels. Contains 40+ sensors which will aid in audit trail for SoP’s. IN our opinion one of the better pieces of equipment as it goes beyond just extracting oil.

> Winterizing: Across International 35 cuft fridge goes down to -80 Celsius and can hold 400lbs pf product

> Filtration: Various sets of CERAMIC Buchner funnels, carbon medium and filter papers with Diaphragm pump

> Solvent Removal: Across International 10L Rotary Evaporator complete set minus missing DigiVac pressure controller.

> Distilling: B/R Instruments CDO 9200

> Edibles / sublingual - Industrial Sonomechanincs ISP 3000 - In addition there is also a real Gem we have that I did not talk about on the phone. In short, if you are planning on any ingestible / sublingual products you must have this equipment. It is an ultrasound mixer that breaks particles to as low as 10 nano meters. This technology was developed for the pharmaceutical sector to increase efficacy of multi vitamins. The equipment can produce oils, water soluble liquid and water soluble powder. Benjamin, I don’t know how much you know about the water soluble products, in our opinion the only way to manufacture them and be able to show scientific research and actual lab result is with ultra sound, not the homogenizers which will only go down to 100 nan meters if even that…Essentially, you THC product will be absorbed by the consumer as quickly as alcohol enters their blood stream. The equipment is capable of making a water soluble solution up to 50mg/ml and when mixed with water, will remain 100% transparent with no sediment or any suspension with a shelf life of 2 years. This is what makes tinctures really work, in our opinion. The Sonos can produce 200 liters / day and is also for sale. We have used it for less than 30 seconds…

Items missing are a curing oven, we looked at Cascade Sciences and the DIGIVAC Pressure Controller for the 10L RV set up.

Let me know if you have any questions on the equipment and if it is of interest to you.

Thank you!
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