THC E-juice from Alcohol Tincture

I've been making and using alcohol tincture for many years and have attempted to make e-juice from it without success, until recently.

I decarb and wrap 2gms flower in a coffee filter and add 1 oz 190 proof alcohol. After 20 minutes it's good to go but I allow it to continue soaking until used up.

I've used it to make ejuice after an hour soak and after a few days soak both with excellent results.

I add equal amounts of tincture and VG (or a VG/PG mix) in a 2 oz glass bottle and set the bottle in a 1" water bath in a mini crock pot.

I allow it to cook until the alcohol has evaporated (2-3 hrs) or over night (8-12 hrs) for a mellow relaxing anti-inflammatory med.

I can puff on this all day and continue to work with a little less pain.

I messed around with the VG methods I found on BoobTube a ways back. Couldn't get any of them to mix and not seperate.
Plus the VG made it taste terrible.

It took me a shit ton of research. But I found out how to make them without any adulteration.
Trichs and terps only.

Glad you found a short cut way to make something that helps / makes you happy.

And it's good to be happy.... It pisses other people off 😉😂