THC Preventing Hypoxic Brain Damage?

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I suffered a serious heart attack in mid November and have since had a quad bypass, and feeling better. After my initial attack, my kidneys failed and I had heart arrhythmias and my heart stopped but successfully restarted. I was intubated and tube fed for 2 full weeks and would not come out of the coma. The Drs said that I probably had brain damage caused by the hypoxia that I had experienced. Pulling the plug was discussed but dismissed by my wife. When I finally awoke after a few weeks, they thought I was partially paralyzed because I couldn't move my left side, none of which I remember. Today I feel 1000% better and all of the maladies that I had for years disappeared.
I remember reading an article a few years back bout THC as well as several other compounds that helped to stop the cascade of chemicals that ultimately causes cell death... could my chronic smoking have helped my brain to survive the hypoxic/ low Oxygen conditions that most thought would result in severe brain damage? I have no impairments or other brain issues and have suprised everyone at the rapid and full recovery I have made. Kidneys are a story for another day!
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